What's New

Pflaumer Brothers has introduced two new resins for the coatings markets.  Tallicin® E-16 is a saturated polyester polyol resin supplied in Butyl Acetate at 80% solids.  Tallicin® E-16 is specifically designed for use in 2K polyaspartic coatings with both aromatic and aliphatic polyisocyanates for both metal and plastic substrates. High solids, high performance coatings can be formulated with Tallicin® E-16 for industrial, maintenance and transportation applications. Formulations based on Tallicin® E-16 offer high gloss, excellent color fastness and exceptional chemical resistance. Over-indexing with polyisocyanates can enhance chemical resistance even more.


Teramine® A-140 is an amine-functional reactive diluent for polyaspartics, polyureas and polyurethanes.  The product crosslinks with isocyanate groups in 2K systems and in 1K moisture-cure urethanes.  Teramine® A-140 is designed for use in high-performance, low VOC, both clear and pigmented polyaspartic formulations to reduce viscosity and aid to improve application characteristics such as flow and leveling. Applications for polyaspartic coatings include use on concrete, metal, and wood, with and without primer, when properly formulated.  The relatively low reactivity of Teramine® A-140 with isocyanate groups help provide more working time for polyaspartic coatings. In some polyaspartic formulations, early hardness is also seen.


King Industries has introduced several new products for the coatings market.  K-POL 8211 is a unique, aliphatic and saturated diol recommended for 2K PU coatings, elastomers, and adhesives. It provides hard films with good flexibility. K-POL 8211 will provide lower VOC systems with improved toughness, high modulus and good exterior durability, plus excellent performance in thin film coatings. http://www.kingindustries.com/products/k-pol-8211/


Nacure® XC-311 is a novel latent acid catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of amino crosslinked systems.  Formulators can expect a reduction in cure temperature while realizing excellent humidity and salt spray resistance.  This catalyst also has excellent overbake and QUV resistance. XC-311 is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones, glycol ethers and water.  Applications include coil coatings, metal decorating, appliance and automotive OEM coatings.  http://www.kingindustries.com/products/nacure-xc-311/


Nacure® XC-315 is a novel new catalyst for SB coatings that utilize carbamate/aldehyde crosslinking chemistry such as the Dow Paraloid™ Edge.  Advantages include improved cure response under ambient or low bake curing conditions.  Excellent humidity and salt spray resistance.  The catalyst is also resistant to basic pH pigment deactivation.  It is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones and glycol ethers.  Applications include automotive refinish, primers, general industrial coatings and wood coatings.


Shamrock Technologies has introduced the FluoroSPERSE® UV 808 which is a 40% dispersion of four-micron-average polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in TRPGDA monomer for use in UV inks and coatings.  FluoroSPERSE® UV 808 provides an optimum balance of high performance features:  dispersion stability, abrasion resistance and slip properties; as well as maximum gloss retention in pigmented and clear systems. It has a tightly controlled particle size distribution critical in achieving homogeneous dispersion and efficient PTFE transfer.







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