K-Cure® Acid catalysts, Nacure® blocked acid catalysts, K-flex® polyester polyols, K-flex® urethane diols, K-sperse® dispersants, Disparlon® polyamide thixotropes, Disparlon® paint additives, Nacorr® corrosion inhibitors and K-stay® rheolgy modifiers.

Specialty Silicones Reactive silicone polymers, oxime crosslinkers, vinyl polymers, vinyl crossliners, platinum catalysts, silicone emulsions and silicone fluids.

Heavy duty drum liners for 2, 3.5, 5, 12, 16, 30, 55 gal. and IBC containers.

High purity white barytes(barium sulphate), Barimite off-white barytes and precipitated barium sulphate.

Organic pigments for paint, coatings, inks and plastics.

Specialty epoxy novolac resins, epoxy modifiers, reactive diluents, specialty curatives and CTBN, ATBN, VTBNX, ETBN reactive liquid polymers.


Chang Chun Plastics Acrylic Resin and emulsions.  Epoxy resin (solid, solution and LER).  EVOH resin. PVOH resin.  PVAc emulsion and powder. PVB resin.


Adhesion promoters for solventborne and waterborne systems.

Waterborne urethane dispersions, 2K waterborne urethanes, prepolymers, moisture cure urethanes and urethane lacquers.

Phenolic novolacs, phenolic resoles, furan resins and bio based green resins.



Natural iron oxide and Syn-ox® synthetic iron oxide pigments.

Solventborne pigment dispersions.

Polyaspartic ester resins, aliphatic polyisocyanates, polymeric dispersants, colorants and specialty additves.

Organic, inorganic and carbon black waterborne pigment dispersions.


Stir in micronized waxes and dispersions. PE, PP, PTFE and other powders for powder, solvent and aqueous systems. Wax dispersions for UV/EB.

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